Will a mini-ITX fit in a mid-size case?

I have a mini-ITX asrock z77, I was wondering if I can fit it in my Zalman Z9 plus.
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  1. An ATX mid tower usually has mounting holes for ATX and Micro-ATX, but usually won't have mounting holes for Mini-ITX unless it specifically says so (the Zalman Z9 plus gives no such indication). Also, I'm not sure the back panel for a mini-itx board is the same size as for an atx/microatx board.
  2. Hard to say, however it looks like the holes will line up and the PCI express slot will fit.
  3. Interesting. Looking at side-by-side comparisons of the boards, such as at http://meisterplanet.com/journal/2009/01/07/another-motherboard-to-add-to-the-pile/ (found via Google images), it looks like the four mounting holes for a min-itx board do indeed line up with mounting holes for atx and microatx boards, so it will probably work after all.
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