Hey guys i have a few questions about display setups
My Budget:300-350$

1. What are some good name brand display makers?
2. Am i better off getting a 27 inch or 23 inch?
3. I am looking to play BF3 what monitor and GPU setup should i get for a 27 inch display
4. Am I better off with certain GPU's for bigger displays?( such as GTX 570 vs Amd 6970)
5. Does GPU ram have an effect of how big of a display the GPU can handle?
6. Should I go for an SLI setup?

Note: My budget for a GPU is 350-500$(GTX 570,580,560 SLI,or amd 6970)
Note: I will be playiong battlefield 3 at 1920x1080 and high to ultra settings while looking for smooth performance.
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  1. 6950 Crossfire or a 560ti in sli should be plenty.
  2. GTX 570 and 6970 is the sweet spot for 1080p, though the 6970 can handle a bit more @ higher resolution because of the 2gb it has. 23 inches seems to be the sweet spot for 1080p in my opinion. I go the Samsung PX2370 for sometime and its brilliant. Since you budget is $500 i would go for the crossfire 6950's
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