Did I break my graphics card trying to get it to screw in?

I am not sure if I damaged the motherboard/cpu or the graphics card. I5-750...new motherboard..8 GB ram. I got a new case today. I transferred everything and everything was working. I unplugged the system and took it back apart to finish installing optical drives and wanted to screw the 5850 into the back-it had just been loose.

I am not sure if I was too rough with the card trying to get it so I could screw the end into the chasis. I reconnected everything..the monitor is not receiving any signal from the card at all. I have reconnected everything twice with no luck..I also bumped the cpu cooler with my hand. I am not sure if maybe I damaged the processor? Would I get any bios at all if the processor was damaged? I can't get to any screen when I boot up...I am feeling really dumb right now. Never did anything like that.
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  1. Did you try re connecting the monitor cable? Sometimes they come loose for some reason.
    Bumping the CPU cooler won't do anything at all.You have to hit it really hard to do any damage.Just wiggling it won't hurt it.

    Do the fans spin on the card when you turn it on?

    Did you make sure you cleared yourself of and ESD before tightening the GPU?

    What motherboard you have?Can you use you the oboard GPU?
  2. Thank you for your help. I reseated the CPU looking for any broken/bent pins..nothing on there..that was my biggest worry..It is an I750
    Motherboard is an Asus P55 LGA 1156
    I can't remember if I cleared myself of ESD before I put card back in. I usually touch the metal in the case before I do anything and wasn't moving.

    This is all so weird. I am not a "noob" when it comes to this stuff. Never had any graphics issues ever. No onboard video unfortunately. I did order another 5850 from Amazon..I will see how that installs tomorrow:(
  3. Yah I was gonna say if you had another card liying around you could troubleshoot a GPU related issue.

    The only other thing I can think of is that you might of ESD the GPU when you went to tighter the screws.

    Are the GPU fan(s) spinning when you turn it on?
  4. I reset it into the slot..fan spun...all fans spin..computer stays on..
    If there was a problem with the processor would it turn off automatically?
  5. If there was a CPU problem I think the board would issue beep codes
  6. No.

    The only damage that's possible by hitting the heatsink is breaking the PCB that surrounds the socket and CPU.Which you didn't do.The CPU is safe inside the socket.

    I would be more worried about the GPU since it's a lot easier to break than the CPU.
  7. Did you put a MB mount on the tower where it should not be and could short something?
  8. A standoff?
  9. I retried to connect everything again. No luck. This is the first time I have never have been able to get a video signal.

    The ASUS board has ram led indicators and CPU indicators-those are both ok.
    I am still not sure if the PCI express port is damaged. I thought this board had two, but it only has one.

    I guess the only way to find out is to try a new graphics card? The fan is spinning on the card.
  10. Try switching to a different video port(use the other DVI).If it was working before then you definitly did something when you went back to tighten the screws.Like I said before I think when you got close to the card you ESD one of the probes on the PCB.
  11. Amazon.com is going to be sending me a card tomorrow..another 5850.
    I am hoping that is the case and not an issue with the motherboard.
    Could I have broken the PCI express thought by pushing the front down pretty hard to allow me to screw the card into place?? I checked the pins on the card and the slot. I didn't see any apparent damage.
  12. Let us know the results of the second card.
  13. New card came in today. I installed it. Initially had same issues, but then the case fell out of my hands and it banged against the desk slightly..fell about two to three inches ..not far...after that the system has worked. I am not sure if the previous card was damaged or if I knocked something loose and the banging caused it to work. I didn't try to reinstall the old card yet to see if it is working now..maybe it wasn't the card itself. This has driven me crazy. I am not sure if I even want to try to install the old card...The replacement card was on sale...I am a little afraid to go through the same issues..this drove me crazy.
  14. hahahaha

    Well if it does work now you have a 5850 crossfire.

    Can your mobo even do crossfire?

    What PSU do you have?
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