Does motherboard start without processor

My pc has started, cpu fan is running, But not showing bio setup or anything else an you please help me?????
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  1. Make sure it's not just a dead monitor. Try a different monitor if possible.
  2. it is using the integrated graphic or a graphic card?

    wait what do you mean "Does motherboard start without processor"?
  3. In answer to your question, if the cpu is broken or damaged, the board will not boot or post at all, as the board needs the cpu to do it`s system tests, of the board.
    I guess your thinking it`s the problem in asking the question.
    If the cpu is working you should get a set of bios beep error codes relating to any problem of the motherboard of the system, to help you locate the exact bit of hardware at fault.
    However it is not always the case. A none posting board can be the result of memory simply not working or broke for example. set the bios of the board to it`s factory default mode, using the bios jumper pins of the board see if it boots then. Then come back if you have no joy.
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