Nvidia or ATI Which Has Better Picture Quality?

Okay. I am truly in a jam when it comes to whether I should get an ATI card or nVidia GPU. There are many pros and cons to each cards, but what I want to know now is which cards have the overall better picture quality (how crystal clear are they)? The main 2 competitors I'm looking at are hd6970 vs gtx570.

My PC Specs:
PSU: Antec EarthWatts EA-650 Green Power Supply
Motherboard: ASRock 890FX Deluxe4
CPU: AMD Phenom II Black Edition
Memory: 4GB DDR3 Gskills Ripjaws reference F3-10666CL9-4GBRL (x2) = 8GB of RAM
Cabinet (Case): Apevia X-Supra with USB2.0, Firewire, and HD audio ports, 2 x 120mm fans
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  1. Picture quality is very dependent upon application settings, 99.99% of the time they will look identical if you have the applications set to identical settings, there are some games that you will see slight differences in shadowing, but not necessarily better or worse picture quality.

    There is no real difference in picture quality between the two, that really shouldn't be you deciding factor.
  2. You'll never know which card you're looking at from picture quality, however AMD/ATI drivers have always been and still are much buggier than Nvidia.
  3. Now the main reason I want to upgrade my gpu is for Battlefield 3. Here's where things become more troublesome when making my decision. Many people say that a nVidia cards are better for gaming, but I also here that Battlefield 3 seems to side more with ATI. So I'm just wanting your opinions about this issue; which it why I came here.
  4. I totally expect a complete performance review of BF3 once it gets released so if you can just wait until launch day reviews will be posted to let you know which one performs better and if there are any image differences between them. Right now there are no benchmarks of BF3 out right now so we can't know if it happens to favor one side or the other, and how much power you will definitely need to max stuff out. I really doubt there will be any significant differences in image quality between a 6970 and a 570.
  5. Is the Gtx 570 supposed to be more trustworthy that the 6970?
  6. http://www.techspot.com/review/448-battlefield-3-beta-performance/ There's very little difference in bf3 beta for 6970 vs 570.
  7. What does gpu performance in BF3 got to do with picture quality between the two?

    Assuming you crank up AMD drivers to high quality (their default is a notch below this I think), they have more or less equal IQ.

    In video (movies, youtube videos, etc.), AMD wins:


  8. It has already been established that image quality is the same and the reason for the upgrade was for bf3. Please read the thread before posting.

    BTW your first link doesn't work.

    Do note hqv is benchmarking post processing quality, without it video quality is identical.
  9. I guess I'm hearing about how the ATI and nVidia cards have their own ways of filtering out images ex. Nvidia's Physx, which is outdated by today's standards, and ATI's edge in Anti Aliasing. Would this affect the quality of battlefield 3.
  10. Physx is for offloading physics calculations to a separate gpu, and only some games support this. Both nvidia and amd have exclusive aa. http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/anti-aliasing-nvidia-geforce-amd-radeon,2868.html Again leaving this discussion at a stalemate as both companies have solutions for every reason stated thus so for. One thing that might turn the tide is your mobo only supports cf, if you never plan to cf then I guess we're back to square one.
  11. Another issue I want to also address is that since I already have an ASRock 890 deluxe4 motherboard and an AMD chipset, would it be better for my pc to have an ATI card or does that not matter?
  12. It doesn't matter other than the cf ability I stated.
  13. Both of cards are great, really...
  14. Sometimes it depends on the game. I have a EVGA GTX 480 and previously I was using an XFX 6850. When I first got Dark Souls, the GTX 480 is what I was using and the positives from that experience were that for most of the game there were no slow downs.

    I thought the image quality was great after using the DS Fix, which allows you to use much higher texture resolutions. The game ships with only 1024x768 in game texture resolution so yes it looked terrible at first. With the fix I was using 1920 x 1080 in game texture resolutions. So anyways, with that being said the game was beautiful. Then my GTX 480 died and I had to RMA it to EVGA.

    While this was going on I put my 6850 back in for this game for the first time. Needless to say the card was less powerful and not able to hold the frame rates that the GTX 480 could. However, for image quality, The 6850 absolutely ruled over the GTX 480. I couldn't believe the difference. How would a card like the 6850 beat the GTX 480 in image quality and over all immersive gaming experience? My only guess is that the 6850 was a newer DX 11 card whereas the GTX 480 was where DX 11 started I believe. I'm not a fan boy by any means of either company. I go where the image quality is and I'm a little disappointed with my Nvidia card thus far. The difference was night and day. It literally felt like I went from a playstation 2 to a playstation 3 with the 6850.

    Now onto my original reason for switching from a 6850 to a GTX 480 and back. The word Aliasing comes to mind. In my opinion, Aliasing has become so much worse than it used to be with games. Dark Souls was just one game. Let's get that out the way. In just about all my other games, Battle Field 2 Bad company, Modern warfare, Split Second by Disney(really fun racing game btw), Dragon Age II, Stormrise, Tom Clancy's Hawx and plenty of others. They all have the same problem with both the 6850 and 480. The jaggies, the texture shimmering at a distance, the aliased textures in some parts of the games. Most of the time it's Ropes, Fences, Railing and stairs. It's all aliased and pretty horrible looking in my opinion.

    I keep wondering if it has anything to do with Windows 7 because my pc that was custom built was shipped with Vista and I didn't have nearly as much problems. Could it be shoddy windows updates crippling the performance of these cards? Could it be that my mother board is from Gigabyte? I've had the GA-MA770T-UDP3 and currently have the GA-970A-UD3. Both boards, same problem. Aliasing. Some of these games look so bad that they nearly match up with games that I have from 2007. The next thing that I am going to switch out is my AMD 965 original 140watt TDP for the C3 version. The main reason is that I did abuse my AMD 965. Not just with overclocks. But mainly I think that it was adding to much voltage to the memory controllers on the 965.

    My power supply was the first thing in question for me so I upgraded from a Thermaltake EVO blue 750Watt to a Corsair AX 850 watt which is the gold version. Supposed to run a 90 percent efficiency. Needless to say I am still highly dissatisfied from both companies of Nvidia and ATI(currently hiding under the AMD name).
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