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I am looking for a graphics card that can run Iracing, or flight simulator x, on this PC, Compaq Presario Media Center SR2044NX Desktop PC, I also want to use it for HD streaming to my LCD TV, which its working with now but its the internal and its running very slow. Any Ideas?
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  1. I forgot to add that I have upgraded the RAM to this PNY OPTIMA 2GB (2x1GB) Dual Channel Kit DDR2 533 MHz PC2-4200 Desktop DIMM Memory Modules MD2048KD2-533

    It has a 300w Powersupply, which i'm willing to upgrade as well, just need a card to plan for. The PC is running windows 7 ultimate at this time.
  2. The processor that is listed for your model number is the Pentium D820. It will limit your potential in gaming. I don't think it should prevent you from watching HD or playing the games you listed. By "streaming" are you saying hooking up the TV to the video card? Basically for like $55 you can buy a radeon 5570 which is a nice upgrade from integrated graphics. But AMD suggests a 400w PSU. The 5570 really sips and you *might* get by with that 300w but really its hard to recommend doing that since your PSU is probably very low-quality. Expecting it to output near its max is not something I'd recommend even for good PSUs.

    If you upgrade the PSU it starts to make sense to upgrade the whole machine. If you do decide to do the PSU, then you can get by with a 400w supply from a good name brand if you go with a 5570. If you don't want to upgrade the PSU you have a better chance to get along with a 6450 or a 5450 since these consume less power than the 5570. But again, you might be pushing it. The 6450 is better than the 5450 for blueray playback.
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