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Hey guys, This is my first time that I will be braiding cables only because i want a clean and green and black look to it and this is going into a NZXT Switch 810 which will be shown off so I care about the aesthetics this time around. The PSU I am going to be using is the CORSAIR Professional Series Gold AX850 Fully Modular.

*Basically what I want to do is have every other cable a different color (UV Green, Black). Single Braided

I Need help figuring out what I need. I already Know I need sleeves and i'm not sure about these but this is what i found. Can you guys suggest other braided cables with the preferred colors.

-VIZO uv green cable binding
-VIZO black cable binding
Heat shrink ^comes with.
Blow Dryer
Molex extractor / sata & pci express extractors to if they have those idk.

Thats all I know of. I need help tips for when i'm doing this. All I know is when cutting the braiding that to just burn it little so it doesn't mess up the braiding and not to over heat the shrink cause of the cables and braiding.

P.S. I'm putting in a UV Green cathode if anyone knows where I can get a better one then this or you think this is good enough also affordable Velcro for it. LOGISYS Green Cathode

halp guys thanks :)

For anyone that is interested this is the build specs. Been designing it and remaking for the past few months and still doing that and now I have to change the graphics card I want cause of GTX 680 ;) and probably going to need to change the cpu cause of ivy bridge.

[cpp]NZXT Switch 810 White
Intel i5-2500k (corsair h100)
DDR3 G.Skill sniper 16gb 1333Mhz
Radeon hd 7770 DD Black (x2)
Corsair AX850 Fully Modular
SSD OCZ Vertex 2 120gb (boot drive)
HDD WD 1TB 7200rpm 64mb cache 6gb/s
ASUS Xonar DS[/cpp]
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    Well the PSU comes with black braided cables. If you want to swap out some of it with green you will only need to buy the green.
  2. Well yeah i know their braided black but you can see through to the ugliness of the different colors on the other side and single braided looks so much better, is why i'm doing it.
    Thanks for that link its like the ultimate braiding guide.
  3. Still also need other places I can buy sleeves cause those are out of my area.
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  5. Thanks Frozen cpu helped out a lot as well as you. I feel pretty comfortable except for I won't buy a heat gun is the only chance I am taking at this since I don't care about the professionalism, only if the job gets done and nothing sets on fire I think i'm good.
  6. Hairdryer should work fine.
  7. Thank you
  8. I sleeved my ATX power and PCI power cables last fall. It took about 1.5 weeks working a bit every night. It is a very labor intensive process and should not be rushed. It makes it easier if you do one wire at a time instead of disconnecting them all and trying to figure out what pin they go back into after youve already sleeved.

    You will need an ATX pin remover for the 20pin connector and PCI connectors. Make sure to buy extra pins and a crimping tool because you WILL break pins when trying to remove them.

    Practice a few pieces on some spare wire and it will save you headaches.

    This site is out of Europe but his sleeve is second to none. Service was very quick even from overseas. Sleeve was better than stuff I got from
  9. Loving the advice but I gotta say I already bought some sleeves from even though i've herd lots about mdpc I don't have the dough for it.

    -Bitspower Super Tight Weave UV Green
    -Bitspower SUper Tight Weave Black
    -Heatshrink Uv Green
    -Black heatshrink
    also the tools required to remove the pins
    Dual Ended Universal Molex Removal Tool
    Dual Head ATX Connector Removal Tool
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