Dual Channel/ second DIMM issue

having built the computer and fitted the dual channel kit in both channels the computer Doesn't boot. This is my main concern. I then tested each piece of ram in the first channel (socket DIMM_A1 according to the manual) and both Ram modules allowed the computer to boot. Knowing then that the ram was fine I fitted each in the second socket and found the computer wouldn't boot. The user guide quotes that
"1 Dimm: supports one module inserted into ANY slot as single channel memory configuration"
Sorry for the long explanation but I'm now wondering what to do and whether I have a faulty board on my hands or I need to set it up to support both sticks? I am slightly reluctant to continue with the build until i'm sure of what's going on. Any help you can offer with this problem would be much appreciated

Motherboard: Asus P8H77-I
CPU: I5-3470
Memory: Samsung Green (MV-3V4G3DUS) 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 PC3-12800c11 1600Mhz 30nm Dual Channel
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  1. It looks like a CPU socket bent pins issue. Try reseating the CPU an check the socket for bent pins (use a magnifying glass or take a high res picture).
  2. Thanks for the suggestion. Used the magnifying glass like you said and couldn't see anything out of place. Tried with a new CPU (same model, I5- 3470) and a kingston Dual channel kit in both slots and the motherboard ran 24 hours of memtest, 20 passes with no errors. Seems like a CPU Problem now, I have been told to clean the bottom of the CPU with Isopropanol. Is this wise?/ what would be the best material, Cotton bud or micro fibre cloth? anything else worth recommending? Thanks in advance to anyone who can help
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