Comp newbie building a comp for first time! help needed

hello to all forum users, thanks for viewing my questions, its my very first time writting here.

so i am planning to build a computer for myself and for being a general comp noob
i need much help!

so first of all i would briefly describe budgets/needs/and etc

budget: computer only 900~1100
purpose: general gaming, web browsing, movie editing.

builds i researched so far :
CPU: i5 2500k
GPU: Evga gtx 560 ti
RAM: Gskill 8gb
motherboard: Asrock p67 extreme 4

does this look good so far?
i do play recent games, but im not a hardcore gamer, and i dont plan to overclock cpu/gpu.
i just want a long-term computer that can handle.

and what motherboard should i use? whats the differences between p67 vs z68
andwhich one should i choose?

any kinds of help and comments i would take with great appreciation!
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  1. You might be better served asking in the New Build Systems forum and go by the 'standard format' used:
  2. Hi :)

    900 - 1100 dollars or Pounds or Japanese Yen or Euros ???

    All the best Brett :)
  3. As you are not going to be overclocking and only light gaming here are the basics i suggest -
  4. dolla baby
  5. Get the z68 extreme 4 gen 3 instead of the p67.
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