How about a best awnser section

I find some posts helpful but mostly informative with a lot stuff in between. I'd love to see a section created of the questions and best awnsers only, sorta meat and potatoes only.(beans and rice for the veegans) This way we could get to what worked right away.
anyway just a thought.
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  1. Sounds good, just it may difficult to split up the different types of best answers available.
  2. Its a good idea but, like Lmeow said it's a difficult process, also i don't think its possible to add a sub-section only to contain questions with best answers.
  3. Something similar is actually planned in the coming platform changes. Stay tuned!
  4. That's interesting,i think if it turns out to be successful,lots of users can find the answers they need.
  5. It would certainly stop the same age old question coming up again and again!
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