First new build...some issues. Please help!!

Just built my first expensive rig with a buddy who has built quite a few and claimed knowledge in the field. Ive never built one but I felt he knew what he was doing. My specs are:
Asus p9x79 deluxe mobo
Intel I7-3820 cpu
Corsair H80 Liquid cooling unit
XFX 7970 black edition gpu
Corsair dominator (4x4) 1600 DDR3
Asus Xonar Essence STX
Cooler Master Cosmos 2
Crucial M4 128Gb SSD
Hitachi 2TB HDD

My issues are this. Firstly, Im getting a delayed start upon startup. Pc will power on, then after 1 second it will stall, then start back up and run fine. The keypad on the case will not light up..only button that even works is the power on button. I think its the molex (hope, really) and im gonna try to splice in another one. Though, the fans off it do run, theres zero control as the buttons dont work.

Secondly, the temp readout on my cpu is 70C at idle. I believe the friend who built this with me put a thermal lead between the cpu and the heatsink on the H80. I assume this is the issue? Im sure it should be much cooler. Any suggestions?

Thirdly and finally, the gpu gets incredibly hot under load. I ran a thermal lead to it from my nzxt fan controller but it wont even read it. I havent had a read out on its temp yet, but its hot enough to cook on. Im sure its close to max temp handling. Im thinking im going to return this and get the msi lightning twin frozr when its available to put me at more ease.

With the key console on the case: can i get a new console piece from cooler master or do i have to return the entire case? I dont want to tear everything down!!! Will the attempt to splice in a new molex prevent me from a possible part or case replacement?
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  1. Sounds like your bud knows the right parts, but maybe not the right techniques. The thermal paste should be applied sparringly. When you lift off the heatsink it should look like a thumbprint and not ooze out from the sides of the CPU.

    As is often the case the CPU may run a bit hot until the thermal paste cures and then your temps should settle down. Good temps are anything under 30 C.

    If you are having issues with your case and you can RMA it, then RMA it. Don't go splicing anything: you may put it out of warranty and not be able to RMA it. I know its a pain but that is a primo case and you deserve a good build from the factory, not a jerry riggged POS.

    The GPU may get over 80 C at load: that is normal and withinn spec. I have a reference GTX 470 that ran hot until I modded it out with an aftermarket cooler. You may want to consider either an aftermarket cooler or a waterblock if you continue to have heat problems. Or you can get a non-reference card if you RMA it and get the MSI twin frozr.

    One thing about XFX cards is their double lifetime warranty. If you run it without modding it you have pretty good insurance against failure.
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    Hold on there ! when you say thermal lead do you mean your friend actualy put one of the thermal sensors between your cpu and h80 cooler plate? if so remove it now, as this is your problem, also what psu did you get?
  3. the double post at startup is common on asus motherboards

    the cpu temp is far too high--take the probe out of there

    your friend might not even have screwed down the h80 properly--you are meant to tighten it in an x pattern

    ie--screw 1 then screw 3 then screw 2 then screw 4

    sorry to say but your friend doesnt sound very competent--the key console you mention may be fine but they

    may have wired it wrong

    use gpuz to see your graphics card temperatures
  4. X79 chipset MB's have some issues(bugs, glitches) and still prevalent untill now. So if you have choice, you can RMA your board and cpu and go for a Second Generation Sandy Bridge platform(i5 2500K, i7 2600K and i7 2700K) and LGA 1155 Z68 chipset MB's this platforms are already proven to be reliable in terms of performance.
  5. Thx for the info guys!! Cooler Master is going to send me a new control unit for the case. Gonna take the thermal out (friend said he did it that way before and it was fine...he says he did this based on his own research) and i think im going to return the gpu back to newegg for a different one since i dont have the money for a water cooling setup for the card. I need one with a great stock cooler. This rig did drain my bank pretty good. Im thinking the MSI Lightning, if for nothing else, for the twin frozr cooling. Hopefully this gets me on my way. Ive waited and worked a long time to afford a rig like this.
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