A few questions regarding ATI card + PhysX card

I want to grab a dedicated PhysX card to pair with my 5850. I understand that Ill need to use modified drivers to do this but I have a few more questions and I cant find any solid answers elsewhere so Im hoping someone here can help me.

Heres the card I want to get for PhysX
GT 240

-My mobo has 2 PCIE 2.0x16 slots.
One of these runs at x16 but the other one runs at x8.
Will plugging a PhysX card into the one running at x8 cause any problems for PhysX or do anything to negatively impact the main card (5850) in the slot running at x16?

-Will my 650W PSU (Antec EA650) be enough to handle this + everything else. Using a PSU calculator, it looks like Ill be fine but I just want to ask and make sure.

-Any other problems/issues I should watch out for?

My rig, just in case:

Mobo: GA-P55-UD4P
GPU: ATI Radeon HD 5850
CPU: Intel i5 750 OCed to 3.4
RAM: 8GBs DDR3 1333
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  1. When you put the two cards in both slots will run at x8 and if they don't and one is at x16 and one at x8 there will be no noticable difference. A card running in a x8 slot is not impacted enough to notice with the naked eye. I don't know about running two cards on a 650w psu , that seems to be cutting it close. I really don't know if it's going to be worth all this for physics , there is not a whole lot of physics enabled games to take advantage of it in a noticable way.
  2. I have done the 5850 and an 8800gt physx mod and it wasn't a huge performance boost. I eventually took the 8800gt out and added another 5850. The extra heat in my case was not worth it for real cloth textures it's kinda overrated considering not alot of physx games.
  3. Thanks for the input guys. I pulled up a list of PhysX games and saw that I wont be using it all that much so I think Im going to wait around and maybe when its time to upgrade my PC, Ill consider PhysX and be better equipped for it.

    I guess the batman hype is getting to me :P
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