Asrock Z77 Pro3 booting problem

Just on the side note, Im writing that post from a mobile.
Yesterday I bought an Asrock Z77 Pro3, i5 2500K and 8GB DDR3 Ram.
Im a complete noob when it comes to pc and I thought that building one will be a piece of cake. Its hell... After I put the drover cd into the drive it says something like Nero 8.0 reading... Then a wall of specifcations text shows for a split second and it proceeds to a page where it asks me to: Gene :fou: rate serial ata driver diskette Y/N and no matter what I choose it asks me to reboot the system. If I dont put the cd in it automatically tells me to put it in and reboot... What am I doing wrong? I have no idea what youre supposed to do when installing a mobo since Im a complete noob. Can someone please help me?
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  1. I hate bumping but Im in desperate need of help.
  2. Because you are booting via CD and your driver CD is inside the drive. Do you have Windows installed?
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