Installing Windows XP to SATA on an old MSI board.

I'm trying to install XP Professional SP2 onto a 250GB SATA HDD. :fou:

There are no options in BIOS to disable RAID, or to set legacy, etc.

Windows setup is not recognizing the hard drive at all.

If anyone can help me find the BIOS settings...or the correct way to slipstream drivers onto a USB Windows XP install disk, I would be most grateful.
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  1. Try using nLite for slipstreaming the SATA driver for your board (what's the board's model).
    You can find the necessary info on their site. Save the resulting iso, open the archive and save the files in the iso on the bootable USB stick.
  2. Motherboard is a MSI 661FM2-LSR - can't believe I left that out.

    What drivers will I need exactly. They don't seem to be the right ones on the MSI site.
  3. I think I must have used the wrong driver. Which of the files in that .zip folder? They're hundreds of different options.

    Do I just put it into nLite when it asks for additional drivers?

    Because it still only recognises the flash drive. Do I need to press F6 still?
  4. Only the\RAID\964_180\winxp
    Check also the SiS Serial ATA Controller in BIOS is it's set to Enabled.
    No need for F6 if slipstreaming (only if a floppy present - in this case you can put the SATA drivers on the floppy).
  5. Still nothing. Although I found the correct driver, and integrated it with nLite. Also double checked BIOS settings. SiS Serial ATA controller is enabled. The drive also shows up during POST, and it currently boots to BSOD, so it's there.

    I am trying all over again. But for the record, I am doing the following:

    Using nLite:

    1. Selecting the original Windows XP Professional SP2 Disc (mounted via DTools).

    2. Copying the installation files over to my 'New Windows Installation' folder.

    3. Integrating drivers.

    4. Selecting the driver file found at:\RAID\964_180\winxp\SISRaid.INF

    5. Starting the process.

    6. Finished.

    Using Novicorp WinToFlash

    1. Selecting 'New Windows Installation' as source.

    2. Selecting my removable drive as destination.

    3. Transferring Windows setup to flash drive.

    4. Finished.

    During boot:

    1. POST. During post the RAID controller shows detection of the drive.

    2. Boot from flash drive.

    3. Beginning text part of install.

    4. Press ENTER to install Windows.

    5. Press F8 to accept.

    6. Hard drive screen only shows flash drive (8GB). what?

    NOTE: Have tried twice. It must be the wrong driver.
  6. Can you connect the HDD to a different PC, initialize and format it?
    Can you use a DVD drive?
    Check also this video
  7. Yes and yes.

    Not sure what you mean by initailize?

    Also, I don't have any blank CDs/DVDs at the moment (it's night time here).
  8. For initializing (if the HDD is unused - new):
    It should work. I can't figure out why the HDD is not seen when installing Windows.
    Can you test the other SATA port also?
  9. Watched that first video, and that guy gets a lot more options in nLite than I do when he integrates his drivers.

    I think there must be another text driver.

    On a side note: Can I start the installation on another computer and them move the drive across? I'm pretty sure I've done it before, but I can't remember if it was successful or not.
  10. Yes, you can try. Install XP in IDE mode.
  11. For interests sake: Tested other SATA port. Tried adding all the 32 bit drivers in that package. Tried writing a CD that I found with my custom Windows install.

    Still no luck. I think I'm going to have to go with the second machine, bleugh.
  12. @Cybertrash : I got the same lousy mobo... it drived me crazy
    any luck with u ? or fedup
  13. Go to BIOS and change SATA mode from AHCI to IDE.
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