Why isnt there lga 1155 etc.. dual cpu MB?

So i was wondering why isnt there any dual CPU lga 1155, 2011 ect.. motherboards? 'cos i was thinking if i could have like a 12 core cpu with hyperthreading and have to of them to have an amazing amount of threads, MMMMWWAAAAHHAAAHHHAAA!!!! 48 threads!! so yeah basically why dont they make dual cpu motherboards that are compatibe with the usaul desktop cpu's...

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    There are dual CPU socket 2011 motherboards, here is one EVGA Classified SR-X 270-SE-W888-KR LGA 2011 Intel C606 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 HPTX Intel Motherboard - and here is a list of more they are pricey and can only be used with Xeon E-5 processors.
    Dual CPU motherboards are not currently made for standard processors for a few reasons; price, standard CPU's are incapable of working in unison (without severe modding) but mostly need - sure it may help your folding/bit-mining/BOINCing/vid editing to have a bazillion cores running (sure won't help the electric bill though) but for the 'standard' computer user, there just isn't the demand to design one. Even enthusiasts are hard pressed to justify the expense to return ratio of the Dual CPU mobos. I know in my case, cost isn't an issue but I still don't own one - although I do often consider whether I can justify the expense, so far, NOPE.
    My take on the issue
  2. There are even quad lga2011 mobos or quad opterons. Just make sure the cpu supports dual or quad configs.
  3. You know it is funny that you will see trends on the different forums. Today it has all been about running dual processor boards.

    None of the socket 1155 processor have the instuction set that allows them to work on a dual processor configuration set up. Heck on a lot of the stuff I build I don't have a budget and I don't see any reason to build a dual processor system for gaming.
  4. C12Friedman said:
    standard CPU's are incapable of working in unison (without severe modding)

    what sort of severe modding would that be?
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  6. jebbo said:
    what sort of severe modding would that be?

    In a dual processor system both processors need to have a dual QPI (Quick Path Interconnect) so that both processors can communicate with the motherboard simultaneously. Standard processors have only a single QPI so only one processor can communicate with the board at a time. I doubt that it is possible to add a second QPI to something as small as a processor.
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