It the newer FX-6100 any better then my 1055T or not

I am gonna be due some upgrading in a few month to a newer setup with DDR3, SATA6 and USB 3.0. I was looking at a 900FX mainboard with 16Gig's or ram. I was looking at adding an FX-6100 to the rebuild but I was reading all the poor reviews on the new CPU's and have been told by other people and a few techs to stay away from the FX CPU's that my 1055T is a better CPU. So is that true that the FX CPU's can be outdone be the older Phenom X6 CPU's I am trying to reuse as much hardware as I can on the rebuild. So what are the opinions that yall have on the FX series CPU's. Is it better to stay with my 1055T when I upgrade. Any al all advice will be helpful. Thanks.

My Current Setup

Gigabyte GA-MA785GM-US2H
Phenom X6 1055T
8Gigs of Geil Black Dragon Memory (PC6400)
Western Digital Black Series 500Gig (SATA3)
XFX 6870 2Gig
Thermaltake 750 Watt PSU
LG DVD Burner
ASUS Xonar PCI-E Sound Card
Enermax LuxuRay Case
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  1. I'm not sure whether you'd see a huge performance increase, and most likely if you did it's not going to be enough to justify the expenditure. You've not said what you use your system for, so it's hard to make a call...however, you're probably better sticking with what you have.
  2. I will be using it for a well rounded PC. I will be using it to play all the latest PC games, Schooling, Movies, Music etc.
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    If you're wanting a performance boost, then replace your GPU with a newer one. I'm not too up on AMD technology, but I think that CPU will be compatible with a newer mobo too, so you can get USB 3.0 and DDR3. If you give a budget, someone can help more.
  4. Keep the X6 buying a 6100 would be a sidegrade bordering on the downgrade. The £/$ saved on the CPU can then go elsewhere.
  5. I was looking at a newer GPU but since I bought my 6870 2Gig less then six months ago I am not ready to part with it.
  6. +1 to diellur and GPU

    The CPU will work happily on a newer board
  7. Whats your budget? Though to be honest that system is good upgrading seems needless unless you have a specific need/issue with it.

    If you are happy with the GPU & will keep that CPU how about SSD for the OS? That would give you a noticeable speed increase in load times.
  8. But I do not think going to a newer motherboard with DDR3 RAM will give you much improvement.
  9. I agree the new mobo and RAM will show small gains.

    If you want too though heres an option

    Gigabyte GA-990XA-UD3 Socket AM3+

    8GB G.Skill Ripjaws

    Thats just shy of £130. You could do it for half that cost using lesser parts but then it could be argued you're downgrading

    120GB OCZ Vertex 3 2.5" Solid State Drive

    That costs about the same and probably would feel like more of an upgrade
  10. I am happy with my setup but everyone says I need a better board because I am giving my CPU I have no justice the way they put it. A newer board and ram would allow the CPU of mine a better platform to run on. Also my budget it $260.00. I can go threw newegg and get a Gigabyte 990FX motherboard and 16Gigs of ram for right around that price. Also i was told that an SSD drive on my DDR2 motherboard would be no faster then what I have now hard drive wise.
  11. Gigabyte GA-990XA-UD3 Socket AM3+

    G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 8GB

    Total - $179.98 and theres a $10 mail in rebate to be had to make it $169.98

    Thats for 8GB RAM.... If you need 16GB add $40 but do you actually NEED 16GB?

    I used the 990XA as i think 99% of people that buy the 990FX dont need the features the 990XA is near identical.
  12. Well is 8Gigs enough for what I am wanting it to due. If it is then I will just go with 8Gigs of Ram.
  13. For what you listed 8GB is enough. You only really need more if you are doing some hardcore video editing or modelling.

    Maybe use some of the change to get a coolermaster hyper 212+ CPU cooler its quieter and cooler than the AMD stock one

    *edit to add*
    Cooler will allow you to OC that CPU nicely
  14. I will be reusing my Thermaltake Contact 29 CPU cooler. It has duel 120MM fans setup for a push pull design.
  15. no need for another cooler then :)

    DO stick that old DDR2 on Ebay you will get a good bit of $ back on it.
  16. I was thinking about keeping this setup as a backup PC when I due upgrade. You never know what will happen you know. Is is always better safe then sorry.
  17. save your money for a future upgrade the 6100 wont be bugger all quicker u may get a small improvement going with new board supporting ddr3, 16gb ram is overkill. just get an aftermarket cooler and overclock what u have that would be what i would do and being a gamer i would put my cash up for quicker gpu if anything!
  18. SSD even without SATA III will be faster.
  19. Save your money and buy a real gamers setup like an Intel I5-2500K
  20. You need not listen to what "everyone" says about your board. What is it that does not run as well as you'd like? That will tell you what sort of upgrade, if any, you should be considering.
    Whoever told you a SSD will be no faster than what you have now is ignorant. A SSD will not improve frame rates in games, but will dramatically decrease boot and shutdown times, application load times, and level load times. This would be true even if your board were ten years old.
    I am assuming, however, that you have Windows 7, which supports TRIM. That is a command which will keep a SSD at nearly-new speeds throughout its life. Without it, the drive's write speed will significantly degrade over time (although read speeds will remain fast).
    So, the upgrade I would get in your place is a 120GB-180GB SSD, from someone other than OCZ (too many reliability issues to attribute to user error). If you need to get Windows 7 also, you should still be able to get 80GB-96GB, but I would not get one smaller than that if you want to be able to fit a decent number of programs on it.

    $90.00 for a full ATX AM3+ board with 970 chipset, USB 3.0, SATA 6.0 GB/PS, 2X PCI-E X16 slots, tons of fan headers, UEFI BIOS. I own this board and I can tell you from first hand experience it's AWESOME and has more features than some boards costing 2X as much.
  22. DelroyMonjo said:
    Save your money and buy a real gamers setup like an Intel I5-2500K

    I swear every AMD thread has got to have some douche completely uselessly injecting the intel fanboi party line "buy a 2500K" It's so old.
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