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Hi, been a long time fan of Toms, and enjoy the forums. CurrentlyI have a PhenomII X4 955BE, running at stock speed, 4GB of 1333, DDR3 memory, and a Zotac GTX 260 (216), running off an OCZ Fatality 550 watt power supply. My operating system is Win XP, so I know I will have to move to Win 7 to play...My monitor is an LG 20", with a 1600X900 resolution..Will this set up play BF3 at medium to high settings? Would overclocking the CPU make an improvement with this video card. I ran it up to 3.5 without really even trying while playing BFBC2, just to see the effect it would have. That game plays perfectly fine, everything as high as it will go at the stock speed and I noticed no real difference when over clocked. I would hate to spend $100.00 on an OS, and another $50 or $60 on the game, only to find it unplayable.
Thanks for any input!
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  1. The GTX260 should be good for medium settings at that resolution. Maybe even a few on high.

    Overclocking the CPU should have little effect as it is bottle-necked by the GTX260 even at stock. Although a 24/7 overclock of around 3.6GHz wouldn't hurt. Kinda waste running a BE at stock.
  2. you wont probably max out, maybe if you sli then you may maxout
  3. Thanks for the info...I could probably deal with medium settings while saving for a better video card. Would the 560Ti balance well with my CPU at stock speeds or would i have to OC the processor to get the most out of the video card? Also, is my power supply adequate for a better card. I have 1 DVD-ROM drive, and 1, 7200rpm HDD in the system. The power supply has 2, 12volt rails, with 25amp each.
  4. Quote:
    The power supply has 2, 12volt rails, with 25amp each.

    No it doesn't. 12V * 50A = 600W, which is greater then the 550W it claims to be. The COMBINED 12V output is less then 25A each. You should have enough to power just about any single card.
  5. Thanks for the info. I realize the total amps on 2 or more rails dont all add up, I was just supplying the info on the label.
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