Time to upgrade RAM?

Last night I was playing WoW for the first time in a few months and noticed my computer jumps up to 92% RAM usage! Also my 7970 is using all 3GB of its dedicated RAM. I’m wondering if it’s time to upgrade and what an appropriate upgrade would be. A little information about my set up first
I have a dual monitor set up, both screens are 1080p. One screen is dedicated to WoW in windowed full screen, highest settings. The other screens run a YouTube video at 1080p, a couple hardware monitoring programs (CPU monitor w/ core temp, HDD monitor, and MSI afterburner monitoring the GPU), also have a few gadgets. A clock, calendar and weather tracker. Also in the background I run FRAPS to monitor FPS… I believe that’s it… oh and Microsoft security essentials!
So that’s what I run, here’s what I run it on.
CPU i5 3570k @ stock 3.5Ghz
RAM: 2x4GB @ 1866Mhz
Motherboard: ASRock Extreme6
PSU: Rosewill 750w Gold rated
GPU: Sapphire 7970 w/ 3GB @ 1Ghz
I think that covers all the core components… temp isn’t an issue. Core runs around 100F

My concerns are the RAM usage for both the system and GPU. I’m considering picking up a 2x8GB kit @ 1600Mhz, I’m not upgrading the GPU – just bought that damn thing and if it doesn’t have enough dedicated RAM I’ll live with it for a while haha.

What’s everyone think?

P.S. - I like my set up and don't wan to change anything I run. if $100 for more RAM will fix the issue (didn't notice any performance issues, just high usage) I'll upgrade =D always looking for an excuse
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  1. The only upgrade I personally would be looking at is an aftermarket CPU cooler to get that rig overclocked, I don't think your ram is the issue but that the issue is that your CPU can't process all that is being thrown at it fast enough and all the data is being cued up in ram.
    My $0.02
  2. oh that might be a good point! I'll try that tonight and see what happens. I do have a hyper 212+ on the CPU, I just never overclocked it. I'll see what 4Ghz does for me!

  3. a thought my IT manager just put in my head that some google searching hasn't been able to confirm or deny. I use VIRTU MVP - does anyone know if this eats up a lot of RAM? I have noticed (through FRAPS - not really seeing a difference) a 10-15% FPS boost by using it.
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