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Since good stories are going up, I thought I'd share a couple of my own.

I have a Logitech TrackMan Marble trackball, and it worked fine for a year and a half. One day, while drunk, I was cleaning it and managed to knock one of the bearings out. Now, I have a carpet, and these things are *small.*
After searching around for a while I gave up and pulled my old mouse out of the closet.

A few days later, I called Logitech to see if I could buy one of the bearings, to fix the thing. I told them the whole story: drunk, stupid, cleaning it with a swiss army knife, etc. They tell me that they don't have any of the bearings in stock, so they can't send me any. I figure that's it, I broke it, I buy new one.

Then, the girl tells me that if I send her my recipt and all that, she'll send me a new one. Surprized the hell out of me. I didn't have the papers or anything, so I finally ended up photocopying the bottom of the trackball and faxing her the copy.

A month later, a brand new MarbleMan came in the mail. I didn't have to send my old one to them, I didn't have to pay for shipping, nothing.

I will never buy anything but Logitech again. My trackball, keyboard and joysticks are all Logitech.
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  1. wholly crap, that's a positive experience story if ever I saw one...:)

    I haven't had any experience with their Customer Support, but I still *love* their products:)
  2. "wholly crap" is an understatement! That is impressive tech support. I've never needed to use their tech support (I've never had any their products breakdown)but at my company we use their products everywhere and we are very pleased with them. You know Tom ought to create an area just for really good support experiences, the Wholly Crap section. How about it Fredi?
  3. I know.

    I'm more than willing ot pay more than twice normal for a Logitech product, based entirely on that experience and the fact that you rarely, if ever, hear about their stuff actually breaking.
  4. hmmm....i hear oldschool is a major stock holder, wonder if that has anything to do with it? j/k...anyways i called netgear tech support and got a drunken techy one time.....hehe(he admitted to bein drunk!).
  5. Thats a good news story all right, makes you feel all warm and fuzzy
    :smile: :smile: :smile:

    So long and thanks for all the fish
  6. Cool, add Logitech to my list of good manufacturers. I've had similar experience with my Kensington Trackball. You even hint you have a problem, they just drop another one in the mail to you and 'ask' that you send your old one back.

    On a related note, you should put Fujitsu Hard drives in the 'top notch' customer service category. One time I dropped my entire computer moving it from one room to another. When I turned it on, it literally smoked. My new fujitsu drive I had just installed was a goner. I called Fujitsu and cashed in on their 4 year 'no questions asked' return policy. They Fed Ex'd me a new drive the next day and even included return postage for my fried one. Talk about a warm and fuzzy feeling!
  7. I got away with similar with Maxtor a few years back when I accidentally ( ahem ) low level formatted from bios...

    Do unto others before they do unto you...
  8. What a great story! The first part of your story goes to prove a point that I have been making for years... "Never play with your swiss army knife while you are drunk!"... In this case, it looks like my advise is totally unwarrented as everything worked out fine and there weren't even any doctor bills. (I'll save the story of the guy trying to fix his motherboard with his swiss army knife with the power still on for another post...)

    Gotta love them Logitech folks if that's all it takes!

    Steve Benoit

    Stable Technologies
    'The way IT should be!'
  9. Well, always knew they were good!
    But not that good!


    Better burn in Hell with some company than freeze in Heaven all alone
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