recomendation for a laptop?

Hi, i am buying a laptop and i'd like a recomendation.

I need a at least a 20GB hard drive. A video card that can do duel monitor. DVD is a must. 2 USB is a must. Firewire would be nice also but it must be like 1 usb and 1 firewire port. A pentium III 700 or higher. I need at least 128MB of RAM. and at least a 14.1 screen size. 56k modem i need also.

Does anyone have any recommendations? my price limit is 2000, 2500 is stretching it.

I need this laptop for college/business.
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  1. Presario 1700 Series
    Intel® Pentium® III Processor - 700MHz w/ Intel® SpeedStep ™ technology
    128 MB SDRAM, 2 SODIMMs -Best Value!
    20.0G UDMA Hard Drive
    8X DVD-ROM for FutureBay™
    14.1" XGA TFT Active Matrix-$150 Mail-In Rebate applies!
    FREE TurboTax Software
    Microsoft Featured Home Collection w/ Word
    56K PCI Modem Card
    ATI Mobility hardware accelerated 3D Graphics with 8MB Video Memory
    3.5" Floppy Drive Future Bay
    AC Adapter Included
    High-Capacity LilOn Battery
    JBL Pro Audio System with Bass Reflex
    Microsoft Windows - Millennium Edition
    1yr Parts / 1 yr labor/1yr mail-in/ 1yr carry-in

    $1,898.00 $1,898.00

    Belkin USB 4 Port Pocket Hub

    $49.00 $49.00

    VST FireWire CardBus Card

    $129.00 $129.00

    Subtotal: $2,076.00

    This is a configure to order Compaq Presario...
    Best I could come up with! Good luck!
  2. You should look into the ECS I-Buddy, they have nice prices with even nicer performance specs. You could find what you're looking for at a price of about $1,600 with a Pentium4 1GHz +... AOpen makes nice ones too... contact me if you're looking for more specifics.
  3. this is super old? this is 2 years ago?

    Life is irrelivent and irrational.

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  4. Yes, it's old, but I too do have the same doubt. Which one is a good brandname laptop should I buy? (I'll decide accordingly to your recommendations when it comes to price and performance comparisions)
    What are your recommendations for now? Please!
    Thanks in advanced,


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  5. oh you want a recomendation for a laptop?

    if size and weight isn't an issue and power is, get a dell. If size and weight does matter get one of those sony slim designs. I think dell sells those too.

    What do u need a laptop for? I bought one and i ended up selling it for 1/3 the cost. I hope you have a good use for it cos they arn't cheap!

    Life is irrelivent and irrational.

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