Warcraft 3 not working in Win7 64-bit

Hi.. I have a HD4870 ati radeon card with the newest catalyst control center and driver installed.. My wc3 works fine in 32-bit OS and i know for sure my system can run it.. (phenom 2 x4 940 new motherboard 4gb ram etc..)

Anyways.. my problem..

What happens is. I enter wc3 (as administrator etc.. I've tried different compatible modes aswell but it wont fix the proble) when i get into wc3 my screen says "not running in optimum mode (1920 x 1080)" so when i change the resolution to the maximum (1600 x 1200) the screen flickers and the game shuts down.. So i try another resolution and it suddenly seems to be okay but the screen suddenly goes black while the game is still running..

I really hope someone can help me fix this or i guess i have to go back to another os.. :(
Thx in advance
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  1. *** ING ***
    ing anoying :(

    - all drivers i know of
    - same video card
    - 4gb ddr3 ram
    plenty harddisk

    PLEASE help
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    Warcraft 3 doesn't support widescreen resolutions at all through the game. You have to edit the registry to get it to be full screen, but even then, it just stretches the image, so it doesn't natively run the game higher than 1600x1200.
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