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Hi all,
Just completed a new build and when trying to install Win 7 Pro it gets so far and reboots. I tried with win xp and then with windows 8 on different drives and results in the same problem,all these are purchased versions not downloads. Not sure about the CPU or memory settings so bios is set to run optimised defaults.
Summary of tests i have tried so far.
Tried USB install on win 7
Replaced PSU from 500w to 750w.
Replaced SATA DVD drive
Replaced Corsair ram with OCZ and tried in each slot one stick at a time.
memtest for 6 hours on all RAM.
Reseated CPU and heatsink and applied new thermal paste.
removed Video card and ran from onboard graphics.
Have tried a SSD and 2 different western digital SATA harddrives.
Tried different SATA ports
Flashed Bios to latest version for this board (FD) .
Moved a harddrive with XP pro from another PC onto this one and it wil boot to safe mode OK and sit there in idle without rebooting.

Gigabyte Z68AP-D3 (ver 2.0)
Core I5 2500K
Corsair 2x 4gb DD3 1600
Gigabyte 6770 video
Ultra power supply 750watt.

Could this be a MB or CPU failure or just bios setup? thanks for any help....
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  1. When you boot in Windows XP in Safe Mode - can you run a thermal monitor to see if any heat issues are present?

    You might want to run a stress test like Prime95 for a few hours and monitor the temps as well.

    If it isn't thermal related, I my best guess would indicate the possibility of issues with the SATA controller on the mobo.

    Another possibility - could the DVD drive be failing? Have you tried an install from USB stick?
  2. Thanks for the reply, I tried another DVD drive and also tried installing win 7 from USB, still reboots during install.
  3. Since you have tried multiple hard drives, PSUs and DVD drives - There are only two things left - the motherboard and/or CPU.

    I would guess that there may be an issue with the motherboard - specifically the SATA controller.
  4. Will try the prime 95 ans also going to try upgrade to UEFI bios.
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    disable power saving options and install os again.
  6. SOLVED: Disabling EIST,C3/C6,C1E and Turbo boost seems to solve the problem.Successful install of windows 8 then tried windows 7 install on another drive and this worked to.
    Thanks for all the help.
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