Should I get a 27" monitor? (currently own a 23")


I have recently bought a new computer but kept my 23" monitor that went with my last pc.
But I'm starting to think I want a bigger screen, but in a way, I'd also like to be convinced not to buy one because I also wanna save money if I can help it. (...aaannnd to be honest, 23" isn't THAT bad either)

Basically, if I'm getting a bigger monitor, it's obviously for the bigger size. Watching movies and playing games on it will undoubtedly be way cooler, and i could also combine the 23 with a 27 to get more estate for doing stuff like flash, or even just word documenting while having a browser opened in another screen.

But I also know that bigger doesn't always mean better, especially when it comes to gaming. cuz the higher resolution will take its toll on the performance, and i have a 560 Ti. dunno if that can handle 1920x1080 without lowering other settings. also i heard 24" monitors are more crisp than the 27" inches with the same native 1920x1080 resolution. is that true?

so any ideas guys? what would you recommend? thanks!
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  1. Quote:
    also i heard 24" monitors are more crisp than the 27" inches with the same native 1920x1080 resolution. is that true?

    A 27" has a larger pitch (ie distance between pixels), hence it can look softer then a 24" of the same resolution.

    If you want a sharp image, you will need to go for a 2560x1400 or 2560x1600, which would lower game performance and be really expensive.

    The best way to decide is to go to your local store and have a look at 27" monitors.

    What you see on the net/brochures can be misleading in real life.
  2. I upgraded my 21" to a 27 " monitor (linked below)

    My old monitor was quite old only 720p so this was a big upgrade in both size and quality. Was money well spent. Depending on what you play though it might not be worth it.

    For shooters I dont think its very practical because its more difficult to see the full screen at once.

    For MMO's the space is nice as it gives extra room to bring the camera out and also have various add ons on screen without it being cluttered.

    As far as movies go, the improvement is great, think that goes without saying.

    What games do you play? Your GPU is better than my GTS 450 and I play wow on ultra and BFBC2 on high, so you prob shouldnt struggle running a good resolution
  3. Get the 27inch, I did and I will never look at a smaller monitor again. The picture is sharp, clear and big. My recomendation would be to purchase a Samsung Monitor, the picture is awesome, and its great to game on too. I'm running 560ti's in SLI , but even with only one the picture quality and perforamce was great.
  4. If you sit close to the monitor while gaming, it will not be worth it, because as others have said, looking across the entire screen during gaming can be cumbersome.

    But if you watch a lot of movies, or use the monitor from a distance, a 27" will be better. But you'll have to look for 2560x1440/1600 resolution monitors.
  5. There are basically two resolutions for 27" monitors; 1920x1080 and 2560x1440. Going for 1920x1080 resolution bascially means that the pixel pitch will increase because the same resolution will be stretched across a larger screen. This means images and text will be slightly less sharp. With a resolution of 2560x1440, the images and text should be just as sharp or sharper than your current 23" monitor. When it comes to games on a 2560x1440 you are going to see a huge performance decrease in games since that is about an 80% increase in resolution from 1920x1080. Expect a 40% or more decrease in frame rates. Text might be smaller than what you are used to as well.

    When it comes to movies, you will find that on a 2560x1440 resolution monitor the video image will not be as sharp as on a 1920x1080 resolution monitor. This is because the movie must be stretched to fill the entire screen. Simply watching a movie at a higher resolution will not create any additional details. If you were to compare a movie side by side on a 27" 1920x1080 monitor and a 27" 2560x1440 monitor. you will find that 1920x1080 monitor will have sharper video images since the movie's resolution is not being scaled up. Watching a DVD as opposed to Blue-Ray on a 2560x1440 monitor will look even worse because the DVD's movie resolution must be stretched more than Blu-Ray resolution.
  6. Thanks for the helpful reply everyone.

    i'm leaning towards buying one now... but i'm still kinda afraid whether my 560ti twinfrozr will be good enough for 1920x1080 resolution. I don't want to be lowering the other settings too much. So if i can keep all the settings and be able to play at a higher resolution on this card, i'll probably go buy the monitor now. so can anyone confirm this for me?

    thank you so much.
  7. I am sporting two 23" screens. With bigger screens the more your eyes will move back n forth, so if you get eye strain you shouldn't get nothing over 21"'s.

    I personally want to get a 27", I mean when doing work two screens are great. But when gaming, well i wouldn't mind 27+

    I got the 560 ti Asus 900hz, its the most solid card in my opinion, but you can't go wrong with the TwinFroz.
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