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Upgrade Graphics Dell Studio 540 for 2560 X 1600 res

I am close to buying a NEC or Dell 27" or 30" monitor with 2560 X1600 resolution. My main use will be for Photoshop editing and to enjoy viewing my digital photos, and HD Home video. My current monitor is NEC 20WMGX2 and I probably would like to use this as my second monitor.

I'd like to get the best graphics card upgrade for my needs for the existing system. Don't want to overdo the upgrade. Also, looking to add internal Blu-Ray burner. If it helps, I can upgrade my PSU as well.

My current system
System: Studio Desktop 540
Processor: Processor, Q8200, 2.33, 4MB Yorkfield, 95W, M1 Video Cable
Hard Drive: 750GB, S2, #1 Hitachi, GEM-K
OS: Window 7 Home Premium 64-bit
PSU: 350W

My System Guide
My system case

Thanks for reading my long post.
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  1. HD6670 maybe.
  2. Or a gtx 450, adobe likes cuda cores. Though that would be close with a 350W psu.
  3. Euh, yeah, quite :D Which nvidea btw, in case the op wants cuda, something like a GT 220 ?
  4. Yeah, i have read somewhere that adobe ( who makes photoshop if my memory isn't as bad as i think ) has a liking for cuda cores.
  5. Right.
  6. Quote:
    TBH, even at that res, if you're not gaming, a HD5450 is enough.

    Will this be adequate to handle 25MP photos? I plan to get Sony NEX-7 soon. I just bought a refurbished NEC PA271W-BK and it's already getting shipped :-) .
  7. Also, any link to HD 6670? I see several makers have same numbers and I read a review on Amazon that said he uses 550w PSU. If that is the case I might as well get a PSU and any recommendations it as well with links to Amazon or newegg?

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  10. Thanks all. I ordered 6670 from Newegg and it's already shipped. Need to order DVI cable and I should be all set by next week with monster screen :-)
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