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Hello, my name is Pietie
I've recently purchased a Samsung SA950 27" monitor. This allows me to game in HD and also 3D! :D The HD part works great with my graphics card able to handle most games with full settings(excluding AA). However, when I try using 3D with the provided software, instead of 3D conversion by the monitor, the graphics card is unable to cope. I'm planning to upgrade my hardware some. I currently have a Foxconn motherboard( not sure exactly what model but i do know it has too few USB ports for my needs and I and no extra PCIe slots.) An Ati Radeon HD4770 with 512Mb of memory, 2Gb of RAM, and an Intel Core 2 Duo(E4600@2.4 Ghz). I'm also using Windows XP because I haven't had time to upgrade yet so I'm stuck with Dx9. I'm planning to get a new motherboard and maybe even a graphics card to have Crossfire. I'm also considering buying a new CPU. I was budgeting about $200 on a motherboard and about $120 on a graphics card and maybe also $200 on a CPU. What are your recommendations? Bear in mind that I might only be able to buy the parts piece for piece e.g. first buying a motherboard then GPU then CPU. Would the motherboard be compatible with my current CPU as well as Intel's new CPU's? (I'll definitely will be buying Intel) Your help would be much appreciated thanks!!! :)
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  1. Not 100% sure, but I don't think we see 3D support in the AMD cards until you get to the 5000 series cards.
  2. I'm using the Tridef software? Maybe buying an entry level 5000 series card adn running the two with crossfire could work? That's sort of my plan but I'm not sure if it will work?
  3. The thing is the 3D works it just doesn't work well. Some games such as nfs Shift cause blurring and ghosting others like Dirt 2 work fine I just have to lower the settings to prevent lag.(Which makes the HD pointless)
  4. Are you choosing 3D mode in the games' settings or is the Tridef software simulating the 3D effect?
  5. I'm using the Tridef software to emulate the 3D effect. There is something that sequential frames are only supported by 5000 series and above. so I'm having to use side by side. Alternatively my monitor has a 3D conversion option which works pretty well with no lag and almost no ghosting but i feel i get a better 3D effect with the Tridef software.
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