6G 1333 triple Ch OR 12G 1600 Double Ch Gaming

Hi I am thinking of reviving my old desktop and use it when I am on business trip. I have to travel quite a bit for work to a particular city and I am renting a service apartment there, so this computer would be for when I am there. I would say I spend 1/3 time there in a year. I will use it mostly for gaming and some low lv excel and power point work. I am thinking of pulling some of my RAM and GPU from my new computer and adding them to the old one.

Rig in question:
Mobo: Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R ver 2.0
Processor: i7-930 socket 1366 2.8Hz
RAM: Adata 2G X 3
HDD/SSD Seagate 1T X 3 raid 5 and 1X 128G SSD
Monitor: 2 X dell 23 inch
GPU: MIS 460 GTX 768mb in SLI
PSU Corsair HX850

Gaming – BF3, SCII, Crysis

1. RAM and setting
Option 1. Keep current ADATA 2G X 3 ram running at triple channel?
Option 2. Pull 16G out of 32G from my current RIG, Corsair CML 16GX3M4A 1600C9 4G X 4 and put them in my RIG in question and run them either 4G X 3 triple ch or 4G X 4 double channel?

2. GPU and SLI
Currently have MSI GTX 460 768mb X 2 on SLI or Pull a MSI 670 GTX PE from my new rig?
Thank you in advance for the comments.
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    too much unnecessary movements imo
    i'd just get 2x4 GB 1600 ram for that rig
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