Should i update or wait? Athlon II X4 630 to FX 4170


I'm wondering should i update my current Athlon II x4 630 to FX 4170? Or is there better choice?

Intel is not an option at the moment, because i'm kind of victim of AM3+ MOBO :cry:

Price pool is around 100-150~€/$

E: Mostly what i do with computer is gaming / record my gaming / little photoshopping / Little video editing
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  1. Get a Phenom II they love a AM3+ board. especially with that UEFI Bios. the FX series is a disapointment for budget gamers. Get a Phenom II 965 or 975. perfect for your line of budget.
  2. Get a 960T. The have about an 80% chance of unlocking into a 6 core, go read the reviews for it on newegg. Plus they are on sale a microcenter for $99.99, you can't lose lol.
  3. Thanks
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