Installed a new asus p8 z77-v LX

Hello,i recently got a new mother board and i got it installed in my case with everything hooked up and after pressing the power button it will have power for a short sec then die is this a a faulty motherboard or is there something im doing wrong
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  1. Hi, It might be a short. Try testing the board outside the case.
  2. did that exact same thing tried testing my power supply too
  3. Disconnect the wires from the front panel connector. Start the board by shorting the 2 pins.
    If still the same, try reinstalling the CPU and the CPU heatsink. Check the CPU socket for bent pins.
    Test the board with only CPU and CPU fan installed. Make sure you've connected the 8-pin EATX cable and not the 6+2 PCIe one to the motherboard.
  4. no bent pins still same affect with just heat sink and cpu i wonder if my GS is compatible with my motherboard
  5. Then yes, it looks like a power supply issue.
  6. I just tried the paper clip test to see it works fine
  7. The test is not relevant when the PSU fan does spin (only when it is not spinning at all). Try connecting 1-2 fans to the PSU molex connectors and running the paperclip test again.
  8. I just tried the paper clip test to see it works fine with three fans i think i have overlooked a bent pin
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