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Hello community, I'm having some problems figuring out what form factor my motherboard has. I thought this was going to be easy, as I need to order a new Motherboard for this processor I just got. So I used Sisoftware Sandra and CPU-Z and they both told me I have a Nvidia MCP61 board. I looked up images of my board and none of the results matched my board, so I'm not sure what to do. I don't want to order the wrong board and only realize it won't fit into my case. I have no idea what case I have either, a friend built this for me about 3 years ago. Any help would be much appreciated.
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  1. Hi,
    What are the dimensions of the board?
  2. I will go measure it, be right back with the dimensions. I didn't do this already because I saw a post where the guy had dimensions but couldn't find the form factor.
  3. Alright im not very good with reading tape measures so i may be a little off, but I believe its dimensions are 7.25in Wide, and 9.5 in long
  4. It's close to Flex ATX
    What processor you've got?
  5. Its an AM3 socket. I think its an AMD Athlon x2 265? I had bought a AMD Phenom 2 quadcore 965 but the motherboard only supports 65w and the processor i bought was 125w.
  6. And you'd like to keep the case? It's hard to find a flex ATX board. Can the case acommodate a micro ATX board (9.6x9.6)?
  7. I believe it can there is a lot of empty space in the case, I just wonder if the increased size would move the location of the Audio/usb ports on the back of the case very much. but if you think it'll be close to my original board then I'll get it.
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    Cases and motherboards are usually standard. Micro ATX boards are easier to find
    Try measuring the distances between the case's holes (where the motherboard's screws get in) and see if they match these dimensions:
    This way you'll know for sure if you can install a microATX board.
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  10. Thank you very much! You were very helpful.
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