Low - Mid Range Motherboard and CPU replacement

Last year I upgraded my pc to fairly high end.

I was prompted by stability issues on my last PC. Would work for hours to days at a time but would randomly restart and then refuse to boot.

I have decided to try and get some use out of the old parts by fixing it up for my gf/s 9yo son to use instead of the terribly spec'd net book he has hooked up to a monitor now.
I had tested most of the old components and am fairly sure it must be an issue with either the Motherboard or the CPU.

Given that I already have:

A monitor
A decent branded ~700W-800W power supply (name escapes me atm)
4Gb of RAM (DDR2, PC2-6400, would be open to replacing)
An old 10k RPM Raptor HD
Geforce GTX 260 896Mb Graphics card.

I am looking for advice on a low - mid range replacement for MB and CPU. £50-£100 ideally.

Original was a P5KSE with a q6600 but I figure pretty much anything that would take the above components would be fine.

Thanks in advance :)
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  1. You could by a ASRock motherboard. I heard some good reviews about them. Also a Gigabyte motherboard will do too. Both brands are pretty good and pretty affordable.
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