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Asus GTX 560Ti DCII Bios


I have got a question.

I have the Asus GTX 560 TI DC II 830 Mhz version. Can I flash its bios with the 900Mhz Top version?? or is it dangerous to flash the video card.
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  1. Hi irfan,

    It is always a risk to flash the bios. If you load a bios that is incompatible, you could brick your card.

    Have you tried overclocking? You would likely be able to reach 900Mhz that way, and you wouldn't risk ruining your card.
  2. ok, got it.

    I tried overclocking it (not a master in overclocking). I have got it to the twin frozr 560 ti speeds (880 Mhz). anything above that, my games crash!!!!

    What do I do to overclock it to 950 Mhz (don't really need 1Ghz as its only 1 to 2 fps greater than the 950 version).

    I idle at 35 to 36 degrees celcius (applied arctic silver just 3 days ago, so waiting for the break in period to get over).

    I want to overclock it to 950 Mhz. what do I do and how do I set my fan profiles!!!!!!!!!! :sweat:
  3. What are you using for an overclocking utility? I suggest MSI Afterburner:

    This will let you set your own custom profiles, clock speed, memory speed etc. If you are unstable, you may not have enough voltage across your GPU for the higher clock speeds. You can use Afterburner to unlock your voltage control as well but be VERY CAREFUL. Increasing your voltage too high can damage your card.
  4. I use MSI afterburner itself. If I have to overclock it to 950Mhz on my direct CU II card, what is the voltage required (what do you suggest).

    and one more question:

    is arctic silver 5 good for the GPU ( I already applied it).
  5. Very basic overclocking steps.

    1: Increase clock speed
    2: Test stability
    a) Stable?
    I)Within your thermal comfort zone? Go To step 1
    II) Too Hot? Decrease voltage? Go To step 2
    b) Unstable?
    I) Within your thermal comfort zone? Incrementally increase voltage, back to step 2
    II) Too Hot? Decrease clock speed.

    Continue until you reach the point where you can't stay stable without overheating.

    There is a lot of variance from chip to chip. I can't tell you an exact voltage for a specific clock speed. But if you follow the steps, you'll find it for yourself.

    I suggest FurMark for stability testing (google furmark for the download)

    You can run it in windowed mode with GPUZ open next to it to watch your temps. It will seriously work your card.
  6. ok, can u atleast tell me what should be the min and max ideal temps (idle and load).

    and then I will start testing it..
  7. Idle temps can be anywhere from 30-40C and load temps can be anywhere from 70-90C

    Furmark heats your GPU like nothing else. For my personal overclock I get to the mid 80s in Furmark and games only get to the High 60s sometimes low 70s.

    So, if you Get up to 90C in Furmark, your normal operating temps shouldn't be out of control. I would not recommend 90C for normal everyday use, but during a stress test, it would be acceptable (for me personally)
  8. Hey I wanted to know the fps difference between a 900 MHZ GTX 560 TI and a 1GHz GTX 560 TI.

    Currently I have my ASUS GTX 560 TI DCII overclocked to 900 Mhz. is there a big difference between 900 and 1 ghz cards ( is it like 2 to 3 fps difference in games or something major).
  9. Well, I guess it depends. Here is a review of a 1Ghz card.

    They also show the reference card for comparison. You can probably guess you are halfway between the reference card and the 1Ghz card.

    Was 900 Mhz the highest clock you were able to get?
  10. no its not that, i did not try surpassing 900 mhz because of my temps. the idle temps were around 35 to 38 degrees celcius. Now what do you suggest me to do????
  11. What were your temps like when under load? (Furmark)
  12. above 90 degrees
  13. Yea, I wouldn't go any higher. You don't want to burn up your GPU.

    What are your temps like in games?
  14. never above 65 degrees.
  15. Best answer
    Sounds like you have a pretty good overclock. You got to 900Mhz which is a pretty good overclock. You could try for 950, but your temps might start to get out of control. I like to make sure my GPU is stable under an extreme stress test to make sure it will be stable no matter what games I'm playing. You could probably go a little higher because your game temps are low, but be careful. You don't want to wreck your card.


    If you are done, mark a best answer so the thread can close.

  16. I want to setup a custom fan profile. please help me out with the settings (% age wise) in order to setup the profile.
  17. My personal fan profile is pretty simple. At 50C, 50%, at 70C, 70% at 80C, 80% at 90C and 100C, 100%
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