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Whats up community,

So I'm looking to upgrade my computer, but I am having trouble deciding which case I want to get. My current case is the NZXT Appollo and although the case is aesthetically pleasing and durable, it doesn't have the proper ventilation that I want. I have been looking a few cases like the Cooler Master HAF 922 and the RC-692, but my concern is the mesh openings on the sides. You see I have two cats and they generate a lot of fur and I am worried that if I get something with large mesh openings, that the fur would get inside and cause issues. With the fur issue in mind what kind of case would you recommend. I am looking for a mid ATX tower that has good ventilation, durable, can fit a gtx 570 or bigger, and still looks pretty cool. I am open to all suggestions (save from getting rid of the cats :p) and thanks in advance for any help.
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  1. if you are worried about particles going into your case use fan filters
  2. The most important decision when buying a case IMO is aesthetic pleasing. Of course it has to be functional, but what good is function if looking at your box makes you gag? :) Sure, you might get some hair, I have 2 cats and used to have a dog, I have an Antec 300 that has a filter on the front intakes and I still had to clean it.

    Now once a month, I set my iPhone to remind me to clean my computer on the same day every month, so I don't forget and keep the filter and other components inside nice and tidy.
  3. Silverstone Raven.
  4. You need a case that gets the job done ....luckily there are alot out there that do .. and offer a variety of aesthetic options . Im a fan of form following function ... that being said .. whats your price range ? .. mid tower / full tower ? conservative vs. glam .. narrow down the search a bit and I'm sure the collective wisdom of T.H. can help you find a good match .
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