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I bought an SSD disc, and everything is pretty nice in the start up. But the Asus logo in the beginning varies in how long it lasts. In the beginning it seemed faster, while now it's around 15-20 seconds. Is there a way in BIOS to change it to maybe 5 seconds?

It's a ASUS P8H77-M, Socket-1155 BTW
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  1. Hi, In BIOS, Boot menu you should find an option to disable the boot logo.
    15-20 seconds is a little bit long. Have you changed the RAMs settings in BIOS?
    Is SATA set to AHCI in BIOS?
  2. If it really is 15+ seconds, there is a problem. Most POST logos are between 2 and 5 seconds.

    I would first go looking for any abnormal settings in the BIOS. Otherwise you may have hardware on its way out.
  3. I think that your PC is searching for the old storage device, try to change the primary boot device in BIOS. The mobo logo is there while POST is testing your system and checking for errors.
  4. Just another thought. Having a CDROM in the drive can make the POST time very large as it spins up to check if it is bootable.
  5. yeah, i agree, i sometimes leave dvd (like nba 2k13) in my dvd drive, sometimes it reads the disc. and that takes time
    or maybe an hdd not being read properly
  6. set in the BIOS, so the SSD is the first boot....

    or u can limit the time it try to read the optical drive.... (but it will depends on the BIOS)
  7. OK, when I started it this morning, the logo was on for maybe 40 seconds.

    And to alexoiu, yes I have changed RAM to 1600, and enabled AHCI.

    What exactly would disabling the logo be called in the BIOS? Gonna mess around a bit..

    SSD is first boot priority too, I haven't even installed a DVD ROM
  8. Boot menu settings

    Bootup numlock state: On
    Full screen logo: Enabled
    Wait for F1 if error: Enabled
    Option ROM messages: Force BIOS
    Setup Mode: EZ Mode
    UEFI/Legacy Boot: Enabled both UEFI and Legacy
    PCI ROM priority: Legacy Rom
    Boot option priorities:
    Boot option 1: P3 Corsair force 3 ssd

    Should I change anything?
  9. One major issue that it can be is USB devices plugged in.

    In the good ole ages of Windows XP this wouldn't have been a problem, but with the emergence of pretty much any device being USB port capable, this issue can arise.

    If you have any, and I mean any USB port being used, this can and more than likely will delay your POST time. Yes, even your fancy 12 button keyboard can delay it by seconds.

    Try this, get the cheapest keyboard you can find. With absolutely no extra functions, just you typical 256 keys. Might spend $2-5 on it anywhere.

    Only plug that in, well because you have to for a computer to boot up. See how long it takes for you to post then. If it doesn't speed up at all then you might have some issues.

    But, a flash drive, external HDD, DVD/CDs, USB hubs, headsets, and even ethernet/wireless USB drives will hinder the boot time.

    So give it a try, and as others have said you can set your SSD to boot first, but that still won't matter as thats only for after post POST.
  10. Ah, I got a fancy keyboard, a mouse and 5 external HDD's connected..

    Will disable it all and report back later.

    So there is no way around that? Because I need all that stuff, and it sounds insane that they wouldn't have found a solution to this.

    But hey, I guess stationary PC's is going the way of the dinosours..
  11. Right on Razec. Pulling out the HDD's reduced the time to 18 seconds until I'm on the W8 login page.

    Well then I guess there is no fix, since I need those drives. Damn

    Thanks though
  12. You might want to check this guide
    Try also Full screen logo to dsabled in BIOS.
  13. 5 external HDDs? No wonder the POST takes so long!
  14. Yea it does suck, but the reason for this is new advancements in technology.

    Allowing USB drives to be parsed and checked for before, during, and after POST is actually a good thing.

    Believe me there is nothing worse than having to sit there for an entire minute at the motherboard logo and slow progress bar, and just have to wait mere seconds to boot up to Windows.

    I first noticed this when I did a fresh install of W7 Ultimate with no USB devices connected except the keyboard, and I went from post to W7 login screen in about 30 seconds. I was like wow I must have had some severe issues before, me joking of course, but still, it was an issue for me.

    Did some investigations and found that XP actually killed all USB port loading until after POST or in some cases until after you logged in to XP, and thats why it was so hard to boot to XP from a USB drive.

    Now you can do whatever you want from a USB drive instantaneously.

    What I would recommend it to limit all the external HDDs.

    If you are a backup nut case like myself, get a ~60-180GB internal, 1-2TB internal, a 1-3TB external, and a big flash drive.

    The smallest internal for making images of your SSD or OS on a fresh install with limited programs on it and all Windows Updates. The second internal for all your random crap that will be needed on a 24/7 basis. The external for a second back up source for the most important things you need ie, Documents, pictures, music, movies, and personal files, etc. The flash drive for the same reason. Personal files and documents.
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