New build with old HDD only tries to do system restore

I bought everything I need for a new computer and when I went to turn it on after full build it only attempts to do a system restore. The computer recognized a new cpu and it did a self install or something of the CPU. When it was dead it was doing the Starting Windows 7 screen and I got a blue screen and it attempts a Windows repair for about 10 minutes. After that is done the computer tries to do a system restore. Once that is complete it tries to load windows again and it starts the whole system restore again. I have no idea what is wrong. First time I have ever seen this issue.
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  1. Did you put a fresh install of Windows on your old HDD once you built it?
  2. I haven't. I never really get a chance to do anything with it once it turns on. Do I need a CD of windows to do that? I do have a windows 7 disk but I dont have a CD drive installed.
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    You cannot move a Windows installation from computer to computer, a new machine will require a fresh install and activation.
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