BIOS update "Source File Not Found!" problem.

I need help with my BIOS update!
So, I spent the whole night the other day trying to flash my BIOS using a USB.

I followed all the instructions on how to make the USB drive bootable and installed the AUTOEXEC.exe file and the AWDFLASH file together with my motherboard BIOS update .bin file, but when I booted up the pc and selected the USB drive, and the BIOS update software came up, a few seconds and then it said "Message: Source File Not Found!", I tried repeating the steps, I kept formatting the USB, then reinstalling the .exe file and batch file, but the same thing happens, I even renamed the BIOS update to bios.bin, but still says not found.

I need help guys! :??:
Thanks in advance.
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  1. What is your motherboard model?
  2. It's an Emaxx-MCP61S nForce 45i based motherboard.
  3. If this is important, maybe you can try a floppy boot? You can use a USB floppy drive on any modern board.
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