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Help /w Full System Restore

Can anyone please tell me exactly what I need to do for a full system restore?

I have a rig I built myself a year and a half ago that started having problems recently, specifically right after I updated my video drivers/catalyst control center from version 11.9 to 11.12, although I'm not certain that in itself is the cause. I have a 5870 vapor-x GPU, if it helps.

PROBLEMS: Frequently when I boot up after not having been on my computer for several hours, my computer will randomly restart; sometimes it will show a blue screen (presumably the blue screen of death) for a few seconds before hand. If not that, then my screen will tear, meshing all the images together and freeze. The restart typically occurs within a few minutes of logging in. Then it will restart and never restart again until my computer's been off for a few hours, then the process gets repeated.

WINDOWS/HDD: I'm running Windows 7 off of my Intel X25-M SSD, with a secondary hardrive used mainly for file storage of pictures and music (none pirated if that helps in any way).
A few questions:
-I already transferred my important files to my secondary drive; should I remove it before restoring my computer or can I leave it in?
-Do I need to do anything to my primary drive before doing a full system restore or do I just pop in my disc and go through the process stated on the disc?
-Will my secondary hard drive be affected by a system restore?
I'm using system builders version of Windows 7- 64 bit.

In addition, I've had none of the problems previously stated prior to updating my video drivers, which I thought was odd. I've already tried restoring to earlier points, but it hasn't helped.

Sorry for the long post, but I appreciate the help.
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    I would disconnect the data drive before you do the restore.

    However, before you go that route, did you restart in safe mode and uninstall the video card and delete the drivers it used?

    It is possible that this would fix the problem more quickly and less intrusively. It is also possible it might take longer and you would have to do the restore anyway.
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