2 questions: front USB and fan connectors

I just have two simple questions about a new motherboard. It's an Asus KPGE-D16.

1. There are 3 USB connectors, labeled (oddly) USB34, USB56, and USB78. The instructions in the manual are very unclear. I'm just trying to connect the case's front USB ports. Does it matter which one I connect them to?

2. There are 5 fan connectors labeled "FRNT" and one labeled "REAR". My case has two rear fans, one front fan, and two fans on the side opposite the motherboard. Does it matter which of these I connect to which connector? Again, the manual's instructions are lacking.

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  1. Another question: the motherboard requires one 24-pin power connector and two 8-pin power connectors. My PSU only has one 8-pin EPS 12V connector. It also has a 4+4-pin ATX 12V, which the manual says can be used instead of the EPS connector, but it doesn't mention if I can use both of them. Can I?
  2. 1) Any USB header will work. They are numbered like that to represent USB port 3/port 4, USB port 5/port 6, USB port 7/port 8 since each header feeds 2 ports. Port1/port2 are pre-mounted on the back of the board.

    2) I'm not that familiar with server motherboards, but on regular boards, all case fan headers on the board are the same, 12V with a tach pin for feedback.
  3. Thanks clutchc!

    In addition to my 3rd question, I have a 4th:

    My case's front panel only has a 1-pin power LED wire. It also has a separate 1-pin wire labeled "ground". Do I connect the power LED wire into the positive header on the mobo? And what is the point of the ground wire? Is it needed for the power LED, or...?
  4. I'm going to take a pass on question #3 because I'm not familiar with SSI PSUs and their difference (if any) with conventional ATX PSUs. Normally, the 8 pin MB header for CPU power simply requires 4 +12V wires and 4 negative (-) wires. An educated guess would be that as long as the connectors fit, it is OK.

    Yes, the LED needs both wires to complete the circuit, and it is polarity sensitive. The (+) wire will go to the (+) terminal of the FP header for the LED, and the ground will go to the (-) terminal of the FP header for the LED.
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