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Sabertooth z77 or Gigabyte z77x-ud5h

Hi, im about to buy a new pc...
i have in this moment a "old" pc a hp pavilion g60 notebook. its not the best gaming pc hahahahaha...
i need a pc to run SIEMENS SOLID EDGE ST4, make simulations and that things, and gaming aswell
in my contry the pc parts are kinda expensive. so my budget its tigth, but anyway i want the best pc 4 my monny

here are the build but my ask is...

what I should buy ...

the asus sabertooth
the gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H

i like the thermal armor, thermal radar in the asus
in the gigabyte the dual bios.. and the fast charge

thx 4 the help
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  1. I like the Sabertooth personally.
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    Buy the ASUS end of. Why?
    1- 5yr warranty on ASUS
    2- Overclocks just as well if not better (due to higher spec components)
    3- Comes with software that enables "fast charge"
    4- Looks better
    5- can flash BIOS using USP if you break it

    Also, my recommendation regarding the rest of your PC specs:
    - swap to an i5 3570K if you only plan on planing games or software that doesn't use multithreading or use multiple cores
    - swap the PSU for something from Corsair, SeaSonic or XFX. These PSUs are MUCH better and more reliable. You don't want a "cheap" PSU taking out the rest of your components
    -change to a 23"+ LCD.

    Only saw now that you want to run Solid Edge, stick with the i7 then
  3. UD5H.
    It has more power phases(12 vs 8 of the sabertooth), it's cheaper, has all the features you need, overall i'd get the gigabyte, offers better quality.
    The sabertooth is overpriced, and its thermal armor is useless.
  4. thx 4 ur fast answers
    well here in colombia the sabertooth and the ud5h are about $20us diference so that not a lot...
    i dont understand what are the "phases" on a mobo, its a big deal? or something important?
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