GPRS on Greek prepaids

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I'm trying to figure out whether the Greek operators support GPRS for
their prepaid users or not, and I still have some doubts. I could find
out that Vodafone Greece doesn't offer any GPRSing for prepaid users
(accordingly to this:
they offer only WAP via GPRS). I could find that Tim has GPRS ( ), but I don't know if
they allow it for prepaid. It says it would take €3 in case of no voice,
so it's quite strange to assume that it would take nothing in case of
voice. What would it take and would it be available on prepaids? I
cannot figure it out using their site. I've found out that Cosmote
offers only flatrate GPRS per €29.34, which is no good for me. And, I
don't consider Q-Telecom at all, because they say it has really poor
coverage. So, I've got no real data on GPRS support and tariffs. ;(

Also, I couldn't find any information about CSD in those networks. Do
they support it? It's not really easy to find out. I really hope that
somebody knows this local Greek specificity and might help.
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  1. I am traveling with my laptop computer and I would like to find out if any of the ISPs in Greece offer gprs (internet access) for mobile phones/ data aircards? I would need this as a prepaid service as I am not a resident in Greece and am only staying for one month in June. From what I have read on other forums (posts dated 2004/5), Cosmote offers gprs but not on prepaid and you have to sign up for a contract and show tax paid. Is this still the case or do any ISPs offer gprs on prepaid that get mobile reception in the Cyclades?

    Thanks in advance!
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