Show of your HAF 922 cases/mods!

Hey guys. I am new to the modding world and have an HAF 922 on order from Amazon. I have come across some pretty cool modified rigs based on the HAF 922. Immediate ideas for my case include powder coating with a rough textured pain such as the appearance on sprayed in truck bed liners (Rhino) to give my case a rugged look. I plan to use military toggle switches for the power on, fans, and LED lighting. I am trying to find the Sniper side panel but I have had no luck so now I am trying to find the sniper mesh panel so I can make my own window. Those are my plans for now. Post your pics and show off your HAF 922! Thanks.
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  1. Noone....?
  2. Guess no one has a HAF 922...
  3. Check the members gallery and the Watercooling gallery, I'm pretty certain theres a few Hafs, couldn't say if theres any 922's though
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