24gb installed only shows 16gb

I have the asus 6Px58-e pro motherboard and I am using (6) 4gb ddr3 corsair vengeance 1600Mhz sim kit.
I have tried every configuration in the manual and it appears the (2) slots in the middle B2, B1 are not recognizing the ram. However the manual does not show the configuration I am using, which is A1, A2 and C1, C2 that is working with the 4 sims. I have eliminated the possibility of bad sims. Will reseting the BIOS by removing and shorting the jumper for a few seconds fix my issue? or do I possibly have a defective MOBO? Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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  1. Hi, It might be a CPU socket bent pins issue. If deciding to reinstall the CPU, use a magnifying glass or take a high res picture.
  2. alos make sure your mb bios has the newest bios code installed.
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