AMD fx8120 vs. i5 2500k

I'm currently looking at cpu options for building a desktop computer for gaming. I was originally thinking of the i5 2500k (and will still purchase it if needed), but was told that the 8120 would also be a viable option, and save me a little bit of money I can use to justify a gtx 570. I already know my other parts, and in the end, I want to be able to crossfire two 570s and use them to their full abilities. I just want to know if the 8120 will be able to do that, or if my money will be better spent on the 2500k.

Edit: Any other recommendations would be nice, gaming is the most demanding thing I will EVER use this pc for. I just want a second opinion from experience, I know how to google charts and benchmarks already ;) Though any help you are willing to give is welcome.
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    The quick answer is the I5 2500K. It just can't be beat in gaming for price to performance. Clock for clock the Bulldozer really can't compete with the Sandy Bridges.
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  3. I read multiple threads saying the exact same thing :) I just remembered why I never buy AMD
  4. Have you bought a 570? If not consider getting the new 680 instead of going sli. It is a big initial expense of course but it seems like a very good card in every way.
  5. I use to like AMD and would usually take a Phenom II over some of the older Intel processors but the Athelon II, Phenom II and now Bulldozer really can't compete with Sandy Bridges. People say AMD is good for a cheap build but I could build a computer around an I3 with a Z68 motherboard and minimum parts and still have a great computer. It would probably be better then an AMD Bulldozer in most programs (non heavily threaded programs).
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