Bluescreens, the faultcodes all indicate that it is the RAM


So I just bought a new Gaming pc, and I put it together but now I keep having bluescreens. (put it together 2 days ago)
The BSOD codes indicated that the RAM was the problem, so I did a MEMTEST and it said that my RAM has hardware issues.
Now, I tried using just one RAM slot and re-did the test, still it said it had issues. I dit the same with my other RAM stick, also tried using other slots. Still it said that my ram was bad.
Now my question is, is it both RAM sticks that are bad? or is my motherboard broken? Is there a way to be sure wich one it is?
Or is it maby that my RAM isn't compatible with my motherboard?
Also, I was very carefull for ESD when putting my pc together so that shouldn't have caused the problem.

Oh, Im using Corsair vengeance 16GB 1866Mhz Ram, and my motherboard is Gigabyte x79-UD3.

Thanks in advance,
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  1. Try that ram in other computer. If it fails then is the ram faulty.
  2. if your running the ram at 1866 try 1333. and run memtest. your mobo might not like 1866.
    try the ram in another computer. if it works fine there its not the problem(well technically, its possible that your mobo just doesnt like that ram. but its pretty unlikely.

    heres your memory support page for that mobo. find your rams model number. it may not match exactly as singles and pairs have slightly different model numbers.
  3. i'll look it up, and I can't put it in an other computer because the motherboard in my other pc only supports DDR2.
  4. Ok, so I looked it up and it is in there, well somewhat, the 8gb version is in there while mine is 16GB, but that shouldn't make a difference right?
  5. ive never had a problem with size differences. but there is always a possibility.

    the lists are always incomplete. ram comes out after they make the list and they cant test everything.
  6. So, I ran memtest 86+ and the results are bad, So many errors! Like more than 1000.. O.o Could my ram actually still cause all these troubles or is it maby my mobo?
  7. i would bet its the ram but no way to guarantee it without trying them in another system or known good ram on your motherboard.
  8. farrengottu said:
    i would bet its the ram but no way to guarantee it without trying them in another system or known good ram on your motherboard.

    So I Tried other RAM on the same motherboard and I still get the bluescreens..
    I guess my motherboard is broken only on the RAM slots or is it the Compatibility?
    My RAM is Corsair CMZ16GX3M2A1866C9
    My motherboard is Gigabyte GA-X79-UD3

    Please Help I have no idee what to do now.
  9. since your error codes say its ram and you have tried two sets of ram in it. i would say RMA the motherboard, or return it for replacement, your choice.
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