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Hello, I have recently purchased a sharkoon t9 case and it has a cpu_fan, sys_fan1/2, and a pwr_fan. CPU and sys_fan2 are 4pin the rest are 3 pin. The case comes with 3 preinstalled fans but I'm not sure which ones to plug the, into. I know the fan that comes with the CPU goes into the CPU header but the rest I'm not sure about. Does it matter which one I plug the rest in to. Thanks.
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  1. Yes and no.

    Your cpu cooler fan needs to be plugged into the motherboard 4 pin cpu fan header. If the fan is a 4 pin PWM fan with a smallish 4 pin lead, then it will be controlled by the motherboard.
    If the cpu fan has only 3 pins, then it will be speed sensed by the motherboard, but will run at full speed. The cpu fan header must be connected or the motherboard will shut down.

    Other case fans may have either 3 pin connectors, or 4 pin (largish) molex connectors. Sometimes, you get both types). Either can be used. 3 pin fans plugged into three pin headers can be controlled by the motherboard, or by software like speedfan.
    4 pin fans with molex(bigish) connectors are connected to the psu molex leads. They will run at full speed. They can have the speed reduced by voltage reduction.

    Ultimately, save the cpu rfan requirement, the rest is not that imprtant.
  2. Ahhh I think I understand. My fans have the molex and the 3 pins. If I understand correctly I can use either?
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