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hello, iam building a pc, iam going for the i5 2500k cpu and the ASRock P67 motherboard, but now i need a good graphic that will support 3d videos i really dont want ir for GAMES. Also to play 1080p monitors.. thanks you :)
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  1. EVGA 01G-P3-1526-KR GeForce GT 520 Video Card...... I'm looking forward to this ones? any advise?
  2. I'm spending around $60-80 dollars on this.
  3. 1080P need more than a 520.

    AMD 6770 can do some gamming but you may fall short in some demanding games.

    If you can save more, go for 460/560 or 6850/6790 and turn OFF some eye candy.

    1080p need a lot of room for texture you need 1 gig or more ram.
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    ^ he says he doesnt want it for games, just 3d video. IF he was playing games your right, the gt520 is a piece of crap.
  5. LOL, true. Gues is time to go sleep.

    I do not have hands on experience in 520 to give an opinion (cuz is too crappy to lose my time; LOL) but a preboxed local units (Lanix brand) came to the store with 530 they did work well with a LG 3D monitor.
  6. Not for gaming? Then any cheap card or even integrated video is enough for your need... ;)
  7. thanks for all your answers!
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