Need help with OC my amd athlon ii x4 640

Hey i need some help OC my CPU. Its currently at 3.375ghz and its just about stable it occasionally crashes on The Witcher 2 but i can play BF3 for ages. Its cores idle at about 22c and under load 58-60 max. Its current voltage is 1.4750 but ive just upped it to 1.5250 coz i just OC a little more, about to check its stability. Most people ive seen are capable of 3.6-8Ghz on this CPU 24/7. Sometimes during heavy load it drops its Frequency down to like 980mhz for 5 seconds or so and then goes back, is this a heat issue?

My Rig:
Windows 7 64-bit
MSI Twin Frozr III PE 6950 2GB (850/1325 to 920/1400)
Asrock N68C-S UCC
Kingston 4GB DDR3 1333mhz
G7 Power extreme 680w
500GB 7200rpm Samsung
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  2. This should be helpful plus there is a lot in our overclocking section,2161.html
  3. Do you think i just cant do much overclocking with my G7 power extreme 680w as there pritty shite arent they?
  4. It depends on all your other hardware!
  5. Ok well thats in my first post is my hardware capable of more overclocking?
  6. What cooler are you using ? Don't say stock...
  7. Basically what I meant is that your motherboard is a budget board, cooler unknown but the PSU (although not the best) being 680watt should allow it.
  8. Ok well my cooler is a Arctic cooling freezer 7 pro it keeps my cpu at 18c while idle and 52 max while stress testing. And even though my mobo is a budget board its main purpose is OC it can OC dual and tri cores to quads and comes with its own overclocking programme called OC Tuner.
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