Dangerous CPU Temp? (CPUTIN: 90 celcius)

Ok, So i have a liquid cooled pc that i spent $1,600 on. Surely speedfan is incorrect since it says my cpu temp is at 89-90C. Wouldn't that be really dangerous temp for an i7 2600k cpu? It's not even overclocked. It's liquid cooled and 3.4Ghz 3.8Ghz boost. I'm hoping it's just an error in the temp sensor does anybody think so? I also downloaded HWMonitor and looked at the Intel Core i7 2600k and collapsed temperatures. here are the readings:

Core #0: 24C
Core #2: 24C
Core #3: 26C
Core #4: 26C
Package: 30C

However, I did look inside HWMonitor and found CPUTIN reading 90C (the same thing that speedfan said) What does this mean? Hurry up before my computer breaks :O
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  1. Probably just a bad sensor or a software error. Your core temperatures are more important than CPUTIN, which is usually the package temp anyway. As long as your core temperatures aren't getting up to 90 degrees you are fine.
  2. What type of water cooling do you have, is it a custom loop or a water kit? First make sure the pump is working. It could really be overheating if no water is flowing over the CPU waterblock. I've seen it happen many times especially in those all in one water kits.
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