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so im running my i5 2500k at 4.33 ghz and 103.0 blck, 0.97 vcore, my temps using intel burn test on maximum were highest- 85 and 84 for core 2 and 4 and the other cores were like 78 i think around there. what should i do? im running hyper 212 evo
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  1. lower the clock speed to reduce heat. Its very simple.
  2. If you are not happy with the spread between cores try reseating the 212. My q6600 has a 3-4 degree spread between the cores so it is not a horrible thing
  3. k, so. currently im running
    my pc specs are: i5 2500k 8gb xmp 2133 gskill ram, ocz agility 3, 3 case fans, cm hyper 212 evo, Gigabyte z68a d3h b3- this is a hard board to overclock on!

    running 4ghz with a vcore of 1.2.... is that a good setting?is my vcore too low? i intel burn tested and my maximum temps were 63 and lowest was 57. Coolermaster hyper 212 evo.. ive been using this setting for like 20 mins but i wanna be able to goto 4.3ghz and i NEED the vcore setting. please help

    so im looking to get my i5 2500k at 4.3 ghz and need the vcore setting. if u guys know it please tell me. i just need a safe range of the vcore for around 4.3ghz or something to tell me if my vcore is too high or too low. If the vcore is too low what happens?
  4. There is no "set" vcore for that frequency since this may vary from chip to chip. You'll have to experiment with it a bit. My 2600K will do up to 4.4 ghz on stock voltage so I'd guess you're looking at approximately 1.25-1.28v for 4.3

    If your vcore is too low it won't be stable. You'll want to test it with Prime 95 for several hours, I'd say 9-10
  5. I highly doubt that's stable

    1. 0.97 vcore way too low
    2. No sense in messing with the BCLK since you have an unlocked multiplier
    3. Mid 80s are a tad high there
  6. so im overcloking on my gigabyte z68-a d3h b3. it only allows me to take off and add some volts to the vcore, it doesnt tell my what it is. is there a program that will tell me what my vcore is at full load meaning i5 2500k to the max?
  7. CPU-Z
  8. You need to run prime 95 or intelburntest and have a monitoring program like easytune, cpu-z to see what the voltage is at full load.
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