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I am trying to connect to a wireless device (Viewsonic WPG-100) which is a remote VGA type display adaptor and use a 2nd wireless adaptor to get on the internet. When i enable the 2nd wireless adaptor, it kills my internet connection. Is there a way to direct Internet Explorer which 'adaptor' to use or am I off the reservation with this approach?
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  1. the OS will only use one adapter, it cannot control two.
  2. I've never heard of this device before. It seems rather odd that it requires you to establish it as a wireless AP (I guess it has its own DHCP server too?). Usually such a device connects as a wireless "client" to your existing wireless router (or even ad hoc to your wireless client), thus eliminating these types of problems. Plus, it then tells you to connect the LAN port to your LAN/Internet. Bizarre.

    Anyway, there's no reason you can't have multiple wireless (or wired) adapters. You just need to make sure each is using different subnets (apparently the WPG-100 uses 10.0.0.x), and it should NOT define the default gateway. If it does, then you'll have problems. It's possible your Windows PC sees the WPG-100 first and its default gateway (which leads to nowhere) rather than the other wireless adapter connected to your router and a valid default gateway.

    I would definitely verify that the wireless adapter connected to your router has higher priority than the one leading to the WPG-100 (see Network Connections->Advanced->Advanced Settings->Connections). And perhaps dump the TCP/IP configuration (ipconfig /all) before and after you activate the second wireless adapter, just so we can compare.
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