Can missing chipset drivers cause crashing?

Gonna use steps, makes it a bit shorter so hopefully someone will read it :)

1. Got a new computer, assembled and installed Windows 8
2. Installed drivers from Asrock's site. Don't boot inbetween, but once installing Intel Management Engine driver comp crashes(don't know if blue screen or not)
3. Refuses to boot to Windows without System Restore. I do it but I'm unsure what installations are there and what not, so don't reinstall them immediately
4. Monitor goes black twice, not warning anything(no high load). When I unplug the DVI and plug it back in, a fan starts to run at high speed(GPU I think). With power-out restart it runs Windows fine again. One blue screen(BAD_POOL_HEADER) as well, nothing special in Event Viewer(Kernel power). I ran Prime95 overnight(~8 hours), didn't crash.
5. Start installing updates one by one, notice it's ASMedia SATA3 driver ver:1.3.8 when installed -> boot that Windows won't boot at all without a System Restore
6. Been running for a few hours with no crashes now, but had some black boxes in Firefox(Facebook chat panel) I wasn't sure where they came from. :(

Is it possible that inbetween, those no signals and blue screens were caused by the fact there were no chipset drivers installed to the computer? Just trying to see if it's a hardware error(GPU I guess :??: ) or what, obviously more testing need to be done(if starts crashing then I'll try with Intel's integrated graphics etc), but mostly trying to ask if my problems could've been caused by that.

Intel i5 3570k
Asrock Z77 Pro4-M
Sapphire Radeon HD7870
Corsair Vengeance DDR3-1600 8GB
Intel 520 180GB SSD
Windows 8
550W XFX Power

Thanks for answers :)
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  1. That could be true.

    This is the black box I mean. It isn't so bad in the beginning or if I refresh the site, but when I hover mouse over or near they start appearing.

    That's for the right side only:

    where the contacts are
  3. "Display driver AMD has stopped responding and has recovered correctly"

    I don't know.. I guess I'll just try reinstalling Windows for now.
  4. I've reinstalled Windows to a different HDD, no effect, AMD display drivers kept crashing. After that I tried with 3570k:s integrated graphics, that also didn't help as games kept freezing the computer(didn't take Radeon off, just uninstalled drivers etc and disabled in Windows).

    So I guess the motherboard is broken somehow and freaks out with graphics then?

    With Prime95 ran overnight earlier, and with kind of frequent(~few hours max) crashes in use, would've thought that it would crash running that if it was processor/RAM. Guess I can double check and run it overnight now as well, but :/
  5. Hi i was googling and saw u post i have the same problem with i5 3570 - z77a-s01
    what version did u install of IME?
    did u find anything about it to fix it?

    im gonna send my board back to morrow but i really hope they dont say its my faul so they dont give me a new one on the warranty.
  6. btw it allmost crashed my ssd when i tryed to sort out the problem when it crashed time after time. hade to scan it on my other computer before i even was able to installa OS on it again..

    the store support told me something about that probley when i installed the IME drivers the board it self flashed some other chips that control my sata ports or something.
  7. I haven't ever paid attention to IME but standard Western I guess? Haven't found a fix yet, I'm gonna try different PSU next weekend probably when I got time and if no help then going to send the motherboard back. Hoping to get it sorted with warranty as well :/
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